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"Bun cha" is a popular and traditional dish of Hanoian. It is easy to see the small vendors which offer this delicious dish in many corners of Hanoi streets and alleys every day, even in bad weather. However, only a few of these restaurants still preserve a long history of maintaining and processing for many generations.

Foods and Drinks

Voted as one of the best street food in the world, in the journey to discover Hanoi, travelers do not forget to taste the bread here.

Following are the most typical food found in Vietnamese' Tet holiday:


grilled minced fish
The long history In ancient days, there was a street selling paints, called the Paints Street. The Doan family, located at house No, 14 of...

West lake
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Sapa Express Bus
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Cyclo in Hanoi
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Bus to Halong Bay
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