Sapa museum – best place to learn about tradition and history of Sapa


Before entering Sapa’s villages, you should visit Sapa museum firstly to learn more about the culture, life and beliefs of people and get a great trip then.

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For those traveling to Sapa to explore the culture,traditions here orthose who want to know generally about the culture, this is the place where they should firstly visit in Sapa after arriving here. Museum in Sapa is an impassable destination talking about tradition and history of Sapa.

Sapa Museum has about 200 artifacts, photos and documents from many different historical periods (via HAUS OF AYDZ)

Inaugurated and operated based on model of a French – Arcachon in 2007, Sapa museum now keeps and preserves approximately 200 artifacts as well as models, publications and documentary films about the life and history of peoples living here. You can walk to Sapa Museum from Lao Cai center. In Sapa museum, you will see objects or reappeared images of the life, culture, religious practice and even costumes of Hmong, Giay, Xa Pho, Ha Nhi and Dao ethnic  groups.

Here, visitors will learn about the history of over 100 years of this town, as well as explore productive labor life, religious life, culture and costumes of each nation. Sapa Museum is where visitors can learn unique cultural traditional customs of all ethnic groups before go next to Sapa villages around the town of Sapa. The museum opens all days of administrative time and free entrance ticket.

What to see

This is one of the most famous tourist spots in Vietnam which is placed in a complex house on stilts with moderate area. The first floor is used to showcase artifacts and documents related to the life and beliefs of H’Mong and Red Dao ethnic people. You’ll see a lot of arts and crafted items which are meticulously crafted in deep tradition as a reminder of a glorious time of handicrafts. It is also a new direction for the life of  villagers in Sapa.

Sapa Museum (via HAUS OF AYDZ)

In addition, you can see dummies simulated customs, ceremonies, or weddings of tribes, houses featuring for each ethnic minorities, daily items and jewelry of ancient people.

There are also small areas exhibiting brocade items, materials, etc., you can choose a small gift when you leave here. When visiting Museum in Sapa, you will have to praise for its creation and meticulous art of ethnic groups as well as be surprised at the culture and customs of the ancient people. Although the development of modern life has spread to many remote mountainous areas, ethnic minorities in the town still try to preserve and promote their nice tradition and identity.

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