Vung Vieng – must-visit fishing village in Halong


Wonderful natural landscapes along with the tranquil life of the locals have turned Vung Vieng fishing village into an appealing attraction. Tourists will have a chance to enjoy a poetic space, far differing from the hustle of the urban life here.

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About 24 km from the mainland, Vung Vieng fishing village is situated in the center of Bai Tu Long Bay. The village owns a pleasant, peaceful location with charming scenery. Referring Halong, one immediately thinks of the spectacular natural scenery and romantic homeland, thinks about the fishermen who are always busy for their living round-year but still smiley and strangely warm.

Vung Vieng Fishing Village (via Mr Linh’s Adventures)

Vung Vieng is the convergence of these attractive beauty. It is also home to keep the typical cultural characteristics of fishermen inextricably living with the sea. Tourists will surely be mesmerized by the beauty of the boats here, the particular fishing nets in front of the locals’ home, the hospitable fishermen and smiling children on their boat to go to school.  More than 160 fishermen living on Vung Vieng fishing village of fishermen community on Halong Bay clearly reflected the traditional features of fishing village on the sea.

The special fishing village

Vung Vieng fishing village is one of the fishing villages owning the most unique architecture in the world. All houses here are floating house on the sea, surrounded by multi-shaped boats and rafts. Unlike the living in the mainland, almost activities of the locals here are closely associated with the waters and spectacular limestone islands. It is the difference on natural conditions and living habits that creates unique cultural features in Vung Vieng fishing village. In particular, the village is shielded by the natural limestone mountains with huge natural scenery, rolling rocks, jade green sea like an ink-painting picture. On the immense waves, the floating houses seemingly closely linking with each other, together with the fishing boats anchoring make the village a unique beauty nowhere can be found. Notably, the image of fishermen netting creates extremely tranquil and romantic scenery.

The beauty of Vung Vieng Village (via blogger)

The beauty of Vung Vieng is the harmony of floating houses and the rafts mingling together. Coming here, tourists will easily be attracted by the small boats, the bamboo nets in doorstep, dark skin babies with cheerful smile and innocence. The peaceful and gentle scenery contained something fully intact. Gently in the early morning mist, the picture of small boats waving out to sea along with boats up and down easily cast glamor over tourists. With a little bit luck, tourists may have a chance to enjoy love singing vocals of girls and boys engaged in sea. The sweet and loving vocal echoing over the waters is a strong attraction for tourists. Activities on the water and daily life of the locals in Vung Vieng fishing village are unique cultural features retained in just Halong. The spectacular landscapes and unique culture bring Vung Vieng fishing village the top of the most charming tourist attractions in Halong.

Things to do

Experience daily life with fishermen (via Halong – Discover Halong)

Tourists coming to Vung Vieng fishing village will have the opportunity to experience daily life with fishermen like garbage catching on the waters (in the project “For a Green Halong” of the Halong Bay Management Board); going fishing (tourists will be instructed how to cast fishing, netting, trawling and remove fishes from the nets like a real fisherman); enjoying seafood specialties; kayaking to travel and contemplate scenic around fishing villages; visiting the Vong Vieng floating floating cultural house, fish cages, pearls cultured area, Vong Vieng cave; purchasing souvenirs made from shells, oysters … and jewelry made from pearls on the boats… If having much more time, tourists should take part in the tour “Vung Vieng Night” to enjoy and admire the indigenous cultural values. When the night falls, under the light of oil lamps and moonlight, tourists will have a chance to sit on the small boats to hear love singing vocals, drop lanterns or go fishing with fishermen, and night squid fishing.

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